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Auctions ending sunday. Some starting at $1!
Hi. Last month was a bad month for me where I was bed-ridden for almost the whole month haha. Well not funny, but hopefully December will be better! I am doing some quick auctions to ship these out before Christmas time. There are some rare things like Banpresto Arcanine that will make great gifts! Some starting at just $1 like the SWABLU BUTT CUSHION. The auctions will end on Sunday 7PST so get bidding! I will post one reminder around 24 hours later.

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weekend sales with some rare things like banpresto arcanine figure!

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Sales post. Got some interesting stuff! :D Click below the cut to look. Thank you! Have a great weekend coming up!

I got some nice USEABLE stuff like an Eeveelution Pokemontime lanyard/neckstrap, Gold Pikachu T-shirt, Flareon Wall decal and more!

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